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The Just Order and A New World

The Just Order and A New World

Ahmet Akgül

Yayın Tarihi :2016

Through this book, We aim to form a general opinion about The Just Order, also aim to show the truth that these quite scientific, Islamic and humane projects do not imaginary discourses and slogans.

We regard ourselves as glad to give to answer several questions and erase misunderstandings on The Just Order; also glad to give a chance to the people who will make a contribution with their positive criticism and proposals.

In this book, we hope that you will find sufficient and cohesive answers for the following questions;

1) Which needs does the Just Order arise from? 
2) Which values and sources is it based on?
3) How will the following issues be in The Just Order?

  • Economy and Trade
  • Government and Politics
  • Law and Justice
  • Education and Competence
  • Morals and Religion
  • And Dignity in the Foreign Politics
4) How will A New Civilization is based on the peace and abundance be established on the whole Earth? 
5) How will our country, territory and humanity be saved from the claws of oppression and exploitation today?
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About Author

Ahmet Akgül is a researcher, author, thinker and political scientist and an important intellectual that follows the way of “National Vision Movement” (Millî Görüş). He approaches events in a humanistic manner on the basis of Islam.

He started to publish a monthly-pressed magazine “National Solution” (Milli Çözüm Dergisi) in January of 2004 with his fellows.

He got over a long-term, serious and challenging era but never gave up his decisive attitude. For these reasons, he got attacked harmfully, he was sued and got arrested several times and he was put into prison.
He personally focused on incorporating universal principles, which are our indispensable needs and beliefs, into common values of all humanity and order of life; formation of modern concepts such as “democracy, secularism, freedoms” with regard to scientific and humanistic fundamentals. And also concentrated on the subject that leading of Turkey to the new civilization of peace and fertility.
Many of his such books as “The Degeneration of Man” as a first and after that “The Just Order and a New World” and “The Peace and Fertility Order: Dawah (Invitation) of Islam and degraded Notion of Jihad” were translated into English; they are distributed via Cagaloglu Publishing in London and at hundreds of online book stores like Amazon and Bornes & Noble (, plus in e-book platforms. His books are read in 20 different countries today.
Dear Ahmet Akgül who approaches and evaluates the national politics and the idea of responsibility differently, joined and attended to the many significant seminars and conferences in Turkey, European countries and several Muslim States for the last 40 years.
His services are tried to be prevented in the institutions and political parties of the National Vision Movement due to he was the one that informed people about the hidden intentions and actions of some dubious persons in the “National Vision Movement” and understanding and saying about those people who are infiltrated into this movement with long-term targets and strategic concessions; but he continued insistently by the help and indirect support of Erbakan (Erbakan didn’t interference to this embargo to act independently of him without contaminating in this distortion and supported him indirectly). 
Born in 1949 in Elazig, he is the author of approximately 60 books. He is married and has five children.

The books he authored:
■ Turkish Translation of the Noble Quran (Prepared to Publish by Abdullah AKGÜL)
■ National Troubles and Responsibilities (2 Volume)
■ The Degeneration of Man
■ Dawah of Islam and Notion of Jihad
■ Qur’anic Concepts and Comments (3 Volume)
■ Souls, Secrets and Creatures in Space
■ Change of World and Revolution of Erbakan
■ Our Ataturk
■ AKP and Its Future
■ AKP Heading to Suicide
■ Turkey Heading to Cliffs
■ The World Prepares to Change
■ The Disunion Acts in Republic era of Turkey
■ Global Smear and Fetullahism
■ From Ottomans to the Republic; Jews and Pacradunis
■ A Revolution is Taking Place
■ World of Heart and Doors of Islamic Mysticism
■ Message and Method (Art of Communication and Collaboration) 
■ Our Foreign Policy (1st Volume- Basis of Greater Middle East Project
■ Our Foreign Policy (2nd Volume- The Luckiest Change Process in the History
■ Religion, State, Democracy
■ Challenges of Civilization and Good News of Mahdiyyah
■ Lessons of Politics and Strategy
■ Exploitation and Rejection of Head Scarf Issue
■ The Ergenekon Scenario: Is It Vehicles Operation?
■ The Just Order and a New World
■ Poetry Book [Ah-u Figan- My Suffering-] ■ Writings in Jails
■Religion is Balance, Islam is Advancement
■ Flowers of Wisdom (Poetry Book)
■ Diseases in National Vision Movement
■ Rentier Battles with Refahyol
■ Sect Ordering and Moral Treatment
■ Terror-Masonry and Civilization of Mafia
■ Giants and Dwarfs in Our Near History (3 Volume)
■ News of Triumph
■ End of an Era and the Coming Revolution
■ Ottoman System and Politics of Sultan Abdulhamid
■ Last Strike to Erbakan and Parasites of National Vision
■ Transformation of Word to the Solution (Upcoming)
■ Dajjalism: Zionist Jew Organizations
■ The Azan of BDP’s (The Peace and Democracy Party) Autonomy and Turkey’s Funeral Prayer
■ Turkey’s Critical Point: A Serious Fall or Rise!
■ Morning is Close, is It Not?
■ What Dreams Taught Us and Interesting Examples from Our Near Environment
■ If Salt Rots Away
■ From Wise Erdogan to Principled Numan
■ Tongue is Now Free (Poetry Book)
■ Is Turkey Dividing or Making Divided
■ Religion Destruction of Fanatic Nationalist and Moderate Muslims
■ Amik Plain and Battle of Armageddon
■ Revolution Brokers and Religion Exploiters
■ Suffer Makes You Speak, Love Makes You Cry (Poetry Book)
■ Jamaat’s Swamp, Erdogan’s Games and Erbakan’s Difference
■ Puppets are Battling During Invading of Turkey
■ National Army and Conscience in the New War of Independence
■ Turkey is Dispersing, or Uniting? (Fools Don’t Read)
■ Islamist Hypocrites
■ “My Last Writings Before Christ” (Upcoming)
■ Spark of Right Way and Sword of Wisdom (Poem) (Upcoming)

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